Beechwood Wand


CURRENTLY Smudging with White Sage and Copal to cleanse and remove any unintended energies. “SO FAR” our large beechwood wand has been hand carved, rubbed w Frankincense for protection, hardened with embedded crystals (Rose Quartz , Green Quartz, Clear Crystal, Black Tourmaline, Sodalite, Brazil Orange Calcite, and Jade), softened with fallen Purple Orchid Flowers to imbue love and dignity in your spiritual works, and blessed with a Tree of LIfe hand-fashioned from Green Jade and Natural Hemp. CHARGED under the Last Quarter Moon for rest, renewal, determination and perseverance. Sealed with water-based solution. We’re not quite ready yet. Stay tuned.

Amongst the Waves – New Digital Drawing


Haven’t tried this in a while. It was lots of fun.

Fascinating what you can create out of geometric shapes, isn’t it?

Using Open Office Draw.

Maybe need to open it up in my photo editor and soften some of the lines. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with it, especially when confined to geometric shapes.

Thanks for looking,