The Anasazi, Ancient Alien Theorists & Common Sense


I’m as open-minded as the next guy (or gal) when it comes to the unexplained/paranormal/supernatural. But geez, man, even I don’t think that the Anasazi built their homes in the cliff sides to escape from UFO abductions. Yes, I’m talking to you, Ancient Alien Theorists.  (P.S. I love your shows, very interesting and entertaining…however…. )

It seems fairly obvious to me that there are a myriad of other reasons why the Anasazi may have chosen to move into the cliff sides.  Perhaps the canyons flooded from time to time, and after so many tragedies, you learn to move to higher ground.  Perhaps famine and drought saw dwindling livestock and crops, as the land went arid the hungry and greedy alike strove to save themselves at the expense of others.  A dwelling high above the canyon provided safety for the herd and sentry above the land.  I could come up with dozens of theories to explain the movement from canyon floor to cliff sides.  As much as I like to believe, even I do not come up with the explaination that they Anasazi would move high above the canyon floor in order to escape flying saucers carrying little green men, also high above the canyon floor, that were out to get them.  Just doesn’t make sense.  And I’d venture a guess that the ancient people had a tad more common sense than we, the so-called technologically advanced society of today. Seems the more technology we develop, the less common sense we retain.

Even the most avid believer has to have some common sense once in a while.

ImageCliff Palace at Mesa Verde, built by the Anasazi


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